Peningkatan kualitas produk handel pintu berbahan besi tuang melalui teknologi pelapisan logam elektroplating

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Qomaruddin Qomaruddin


Costs to supply raw materials for production continue to increase. Brass metal is the main raw material for the door handle manufacturing industry. Brass metal was chosen because it has good corrosion resistance, high strength, is easily shaped and has an attractive appearance. The high price of brass metal raw material has caused many small industries to turn to cast iron. The disadvantage of cast iron is that it has low corrosion resistance and unattractive product appearance.
Electroplating metal coating technology can be applied to improve the surface of cast iron metal. Electroplating technology is easy and simple to operate. The quality of the coating on the metal surface is very dependent on the strength of the metal coating attached to the cast iron. This is influenced by the strong current and the length of time immersion. Some research results show that the thickness of the chromium layer can reach 100 μm in 90 minutes with a strong current generated 50 mA/cm2.
The application of electroplating technology is already suitable for the industry of cast iron door handles. Through the application of electroplating technology, it is able to reduce the cost of raw materials, product quality increases marked by increased corrosion resistance and a more attractive product appearance.

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