Metakognisi dan Theory of Mind (ToM)

Heru Astikasari Setya Murti


This article is a literature review on the relationship between Metacognition and Theory of Mind (ToM). Metacognition refers to
the superordinat concept consisting of at least two components, namely (1) knowledge, (2) monitoring (experience) and regulation (skills), and often refers to the procedural metacognition, while ToM can be defined as knowledge about the existence and contents of
the mind (eg beliefs, desires and intentions) as well as the ability to use the knowledge to make predictions and explanations of human action.
Research on metacognition and ToM showed that the research data provided some evidence that early competence of ToM can be
considered as the precursor of metamemori and the acquisition of representations of the concept is probably something crucial in the
development of children, which in turn enables them to think about their memory and others.



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