Muhammad Reza Alfidro
Imam Abdul Rozaq
Mohammad Iqbal


Electrical energy has now become a mandatory requirement for all humans. No exception for boarding house entrepreneurs, shop houses, as well as lodging that has many rooms. Problems often occur when determining the cost of using electricity and monitoring electrical energy, especially when using only one kWh meter. The purpose of this research is to create an IoT-based monitoring tool for electrical energy consumption which will later be installed in every room, so that owners of boarding houses, shop houses, and inns who use one kWh meter are easy to determine the cost of using and monitoring their electrical energy. The method used is Research and Development. In this study, making one monitoring tool for two rooms using the mydevice cayenne web server as data display and online data storage with the help of ESP8266 as a data sender from Arduino, while Arduino functions as an input and output on other supporting components, including: relays, LCD, keypad, RTC, MCB, and PZEM-004T sensors as a measure of the amount of cosphi, voltage, current, power, energy, as well as calculating the use of electrical energy used.  The tool testing is divided into two stages, namely, first testing the PZEM-004T sensor by providing a different load, second, testing the whole tool. PZEM-004T Sensor Testing compared to a multimeter. With voltage measurement accuracy of 99.89%, Current 94.65%, Cosphi 97.8%, Power 94.26 %, Energy 97.62%. While the overall testing of the tool with automatic reset of energy data is in accordance with what is expected

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