Pembelajaran Berbasis Sentra Peran dalam Upaya Stimulus Sikap Mandiri Anak Usia 0-2 Tahun di TPA 01 SUKAMAJU

Anita Afrianianingsih
Dwiana Asih Wiranti
Akhlafiah Maulani


This study aims to increase children's independence through the learning method based on the dramatization center at TPA 01 SUKAMAJU. This research is a classroom action research, conducted in two cycles. The subjects of this study were four children consisting of friends who seemed to e students.. The method of data collection is done through observation. The data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative and quantitative techniques. The results showed that the children's independence increased through the dramatization center learning. The child plays the movements and sounds of the chicken animal then the teacher gives an independent task in the form of tasting the chicken shape, the child does it by himself then the teacher gives reinforcement in the form of messages and motivation to be independent.

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